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The ideas and initiators behind the El Quseir Charta for the protection of coral reefs. Moving more together.

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„And suddenly I was in a totally different world, far away from all known landscapes of this earth, in an area, which only a few of us are allowed to see. I swim through a coral forest. Everywhere it twinkles, here green and red, over there yellow and blue.“

 El Quseir ChartaA moving quote by Prof. Dr. Hans Hass on his first free diving reef exploration. in the Caribbean in 1939. Unfortunately, today the coral reefs are not as colorful anymore in all places, as coral reefs are not only the most diverse habitats of the sea but are by now also the most endangered ones.

Worldwide about  30% of all reefs are badly damaged and additional 30% are endangered with increasing tendency. Several factors play a role in the damaging of corals reefs including changes in the global climate, rapid developments in coastal areas and influx of nutrients. In addition, problems are over fishing with gill nets, dynamite and poison and, last but not least, tourism.

By signing the EL QUSEIR CHARTA you actively undertake to conserve coral reefs for yourself and future generations.




What can you do to actively protect coral reefs?

We can answer this question to the best by providing already realized examples, which you can implement in your field of competence!

Coming soon, you will find several suggestions on how you as a private stakeholder or a member of government, environmental agencies, the scientific community, tourism, dive sport or media, become actively involved.

If you want to share a success story of your own - tell us how you successfully added protection to the coral reefs!

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